Refreshing summertime tea mocktails everyone can enjoy

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

There is no better feeling than having a fun iced beverage in your hand on a hot summer day.

If you are looking for a refreshing drink for those long summer days, when you are soaking up the sun by the beach or enjoying a backyard barbeque with friends, you have come to the right place.

Two tall glasses filled with tea mocktails on an outdoor white table in a bright sunny day.
Tea mocktails are a perfect summertime drink for everyone

In this quick and easy guide to loose leaf tea mocktails you will learn four delicious recipes:

Tea mocktails are a healthy, thirst-quenching drink that everyone can enjoy — perfect for any summertime occasion! From fizzy and tropical to fresh and minty, these tasty beverages are sure to be a hit all summer long.

There are so many delicious possibilities for blending teas and mixing it up with other beverages; it all depends on your creativity and preferences.

Let's get into it.

Bubbly loose leaf tea mocktails

Sparkling Jasmine

This recipe offers a subtle aroma with smooth hints of delicate earthy flavour (for Darjeeling) or jasmine (for green jasmine tea) bubbled up with sparkling water.


  • 12g of jasmine or first flush Darjeeling tea

  • 750 ml bottle of sparkling mineral water

Makes 4-6 servings


  1. Pour out about 50ml of water

  2. Add the tea leaves to the bottle

  3. Store vertically in the fridge for about 3-4 hours

  4. Strain and serve into a tall glass


Don't let the tea brew for more than 4 hours; the taste will become a little bitter.

Pineapple Sencha Soda

Staycation, meet your resident mocktail. Experience the seductive flavours of the tropics with every sip of this sparkler, which combines a stronger fruity taste with a refreshing Sencha brew.


  • ¼ of a vanilla pod

  • 4g of Sencha green tea

  • 45-50g of pineapple diced into small pieces

  • 330ml of sparkling mineral water

Makes 4-6 servings


  1. Cut the vanilla pod down in the middle and chop it up into tiny bits

  2. Put the vanilla, pineapple and tea into a tea strainer

  3. Pour the mineral water over it

  4. Let it infuse for about 5-6 minutes, with a closed lid

  5. Strain and serve into a tall glass

Juicy loose leaf tea mocktails

You know it's summer when you have an ice-cold fruity drink in hand. Here are our favourite easy, delicious, and fruity recipes to serve up all summer long.

Grapefruit Jasmine

This sweet grapefruit and jasmine tea combo works well and does the job of keeping you chill and hydrated in the heat.


  • 12-15g of jasmine pearls tea

  • 250ml of freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice

  • 750ml of tap water

Makes 5-6 servings


  1. Place the jasmine tea in a jug

  2. Add the pink grapefruit juice, stir delicately

  3. Add the water and stir

  4. Let it cool down in the fridge for 8 hours

  5. Strain and serve

Apple Green

This mocktail is a subtly sweet and delicately woody combination featuring Oolong or Ceylon green tea.


  • 15g of Oolong or Ceylon green tea

  • 250ml of freshly squeezed Pink Lady apples

  • 750ml of tap water

Makes 5-6 servings


  1. Place the green tea in a jug

  2. Briefly 'wash' the leaves with hot water for about 30 seconds

  3. Pour out the water, leave the tea in the jug

  4. Add the apple juice and top it up with tap water, stir delicately

  5. Let it cool down in the fridge for 8 hours

  6. Strain and serve

  7. Add a little bit of mint or cinnamon for extra flavour

Key takeaways

Don't be afraid to experiment with new things; you might just find something you will fall in love with. There are plenty more delicious tea mocktails, from subtle mixes like the ones featured in this post to some more punchy flavours.

Remember to:

  1. Add freshly squeezed juice from the fruits rather than pre-made ones

  2. Don't over brew the tea - it goes bitter and changes the end outcome

  3. Try to brew things with a lid on to avoid sparkling water going flat

What are your favourite tea mocktail recipes?

Have you tried something a little extraordinary? Share your recipes in our tea forum - we would love to learn from you.